The information listed below is provided for additional support in S.L.A.A. For a complete listing of all available resources and information, visit the S.L.A.A. Resources page on the Fellowship-Wide Services website.

Other Telephone, Online, and Local S.L.A.A. Meetings

There are many registered telephone and online meetings with publicly posted information.

For a listing of all registered in-person, online, & telephone S.L.A.A. intergroups, groups and meetings worldwide, visit the Meeting Directory on the Fellowship-Wide Services website.

S.L.A.A. Language Terms

Many different terms are used during S.L.A.A. meetings.  While many terms are used differently in various S.L.A.A. Groups, the Language of S.L.A.A. Recovery list defines a few of these terms as commonly used in S.L.A.A.

The Inspiration Lines (Co-Ed)

24-hour Inspiration Line: (215) 574-2120

The Greater Delaware Valley Intergroup of S.L.A.A. offers a 24-hour Inspiration Line where members offer short voice messages about 4 minutes long of their experience, strength and hope. After the message, callers have about 2-3 minutes to leave feedback about the message and/or get current by sharing what’s going on for them in recovery. Calls are not returned but they are heard. Messages are intended to be changed daily.

24-hour Inspiration Storyline: (215) 574-2121

The Inspiration Storyline is a newer feature where members offer longer stories of recovery up to 20 minutes with messages of experience, strength, and hope. After the message, callers have about 5 minutes to leave feedback about the story they heard and/or get current. Calls are not returned but they are heard. Each story is intended to be changed weekly on Sundays.

Recovery Where No Meetings Exist

If you live in an area where there are no in-person meetings, Beginning Recovery in Places Where No Meetings Exist outlines the 5 major resources in the S.L.A.A. Preamble and includes Tips and Tools on how to get started and work your program.

S.L.A.A. in Multiple Languages

The 8 Core Documents of S.L.A.A. along with other literature selections have been translated into the following languages. Each link will direct you to the corresponding page on the Fellowship-Wide Services website specifically translated into that language.

For more information or additional language translations not listed below, contact the Conference Translation and International Outreach Committee.