If you have decided sex and love addiction is an issue in your life and you are ready to do something about it, the following suggestions can help you get started and continue to work the program of S.L.A.A.

  • Get a Sponsor – Sponsors help define bottom-lines and work the Steps. Suggestions for finding a sponsor:
    • Attend meetings and listen for members whose shares resonate with you. Call and ask them if they are available to sponsor or can help you get started, even temporarily.
    • Read the Sponsorship pamphlet and answer the questions.
    • Listen to the Sponsorship TeleSeries for suggestions.
    • Contact the Conference Sponsorship Committee for support.
    • Be of service. Service helps you connect with other members, including sponsors and long-time members.
  • Don’t act out! – Stay sober just for this day, this hour, this minute, no matter what! Instead make a phone call, attend a meeting, read program literature, journal your feelings, or say a prayer. You are worth it. It will pass.
  • Read S.L.A.A. literature – You will gain insight, understanding,  tips and tools through program literature. For a complete list visit our Literature page. Suggestions for starting literature:
  • Call S.L.A.A. members daily for support – Write down phone numbers after the meeting. Reach out, don’t isolate. Your call helps other members carry the message and stay sober.
  • Be of service – Service helps you stay sober.
    • Read literature or be the timer at meetings.
    • Co-chair one of the meetings.
    • Participate one of the Service Opportunities available in our Intergroup or the S.L.A.A. Fellowship.
    • Join one of the Conference Committees.
  • Subscribe to the Journal, S.L.A.A.’s “meeting in print” – Personal stories and writings on recovery topics. Some meetings read stories as topics for sharing. Visit the Journal page for more information.
  • Above all KEEP COMING BACK! – It is suggested that you attend at least 6 meetings before deciding if this program is for you.
ANNOUNCEMENT: As of Jan. 1, the following WANA Intergroup service positions are not filled: Chair, Webmaster, Treasurer, and Record Keeper. WANA phone meetings may continue but may not function smoothly going forward. There is no one to respond to emails, maintain the website, update meeting formats, handle phone line problems, or pay for expenses. Please consider volunteering for a position. Hopefully, elections will happen at the Jan. 21 Intergroup meeting.I would like to step up!