Getting Started
in S.L.A.A.

If you have decided that SLAA is right for you, suggestions to get started include attending SLAA meetings, getting a sponsor, staying sober, reading SLAA literature, reaching out to other members, and being of service.

S.L.A.A. Resources

Get additional support in SLAA. Find other telephone, online, or local meetings. Learn the language of SLAA recovery. Begin recovery in places where no meetings exist. Call the Inspiration line. Read SLAA documents in other languages.

What are Bottom Lines?

Bottom lines are behaviors we refrain from in order to stay sober and live in recovery. Here are some examples of bottom lines.

What is Withdrawal?

Once we commit to abstinence from acting out, we initially go through unexpected physical and emotional changes. We experience a vulnerability we had sought to avoid through addictive behavior. Learn to recognize the symptoms and use the tools to survive withdrawal.

ANNOUNCEMENT: As of Jan. 1, the following WANA Intergroup service positions are not filled: Chair, Webmaster, Treasurer, and Record Keeper. WANA phone meetings may continue but may not function smoothly going forward. There is no one to respond to emails, maintain the website, update meeting formats, handle phone line problems, or pay for expenses. Please consider volunteering for a position. Hopefully, elections will happen at the Jan. 21 Intergroup meeting.I would like to step up!