The conference call phone line used for our meetings is a digital connection and on occasion can have issues with the connection quality. If you have difficulty connecting to our phone conference line, try the following:

  • Hang up and call back in – busy signals or poor connections might be a temporary routing issue.
  • Check the weather and phone lines in your area – local weather can cause disruptions with digital phone connections.

ByPass Number

Free Conferencing has a temporary bypass phone number for members who are being charged by their cell phone provider to call in to our meetings

  1.  Dial (857) 957-1145
  2.  Enter the meeting telephone number.
  3.  Enter the access code, followed by the # sign.

 Calling from Canada

Free Conferencing has an alternate phone number for residents in Canada which will allow access into the states. Charges may apply.

  1.  Dial (805) 360-1075
  2.  Enter the meeting telephone number.
  3.  Enter the access code, followed by the # sign.

For Canadian callers and members with financial restrictions, we have provided a list of alternative call-in methods listed below.

Options for Alternative Connections

Some members experience problems joining our regular meeting calls when calling from their cell or landline phones even after trying to resolve their connection.

Other members need to utilize alternative methods for calling in due to financial or plan minute limitations.

  • Telephone access via a VoIP dialer phone or an iPhone or Andriod app. Information is available on the FreeConferencing website. For the VoIP dialer phone, you must allow access by your computer’s speakers and microphone.
  • Skype offers internet calling options. You will need a high-speed internet connection, a headset and microphone. Skype also offers an iPhone and Andriod app
  • Google Voice allows you to set up a new private number and link it to your cell phone and/or landline. You may then text, place calls, receive calls, and translate voicemails from you cell or computer.

*In accordance with our Traditions, S.L.A.A. neither endorses nor opposes Skype, Google Voice, or any other communication technology.