We are all different in our paths to recovery. Some reasons to start a new women’s phone meeting include:

  • to be of service to the S.L.A.A. fellowship and help it grow
  • to offer a meeting that focuses on a particular aspect of recovery
  • to offer an additional day or time that was previously not offered

Requirements for starting a new meeting

S.L.A.A. Tradition Three

The only requirement for S.L.A.A. membership is the desire to stop living out a pattern of sex and love addiction. Any two or more persons gathered together for mutual aid in recovering from sex and love addiction may call themselves an S.L.A.A. group, provided that as a group they have no other affiliation.

In short, the only requirement to start an new S.L.A.A. meeting is a desire to do so and to have at least one other person willing to participate and that you announce it at the Intergroup meeting.

Remember, this is a “We” program and you are not alone! Be sure to reach out to other members for care and support.

Starting a new meeting can be a greatly rewarding process, and we thank you!

Items Needed & Suggestions

Below are some tips and suggestions about starting a new meeting as provided by the Women’s Phone Meeting Intergroup.

How to start a new meetingKeeping it structured and safeOther Items

The items listed below are needed to start a meeting and keep it going.

1. Ask for Assistance
2. Choose a Format
3. Pick a Day/Time
4. Get the Phone Number/Host Code and meeting guide sheet
5. Announce on Meetings
6. List it on the Website

The suggestions listed below are provided by our group to help meetings stay structured and safe.

1. Meeting Focus
2. Length of Shares
3. Business Meetings
4. Service Terms
5. Outside Literature
6. Online Moderation
Do I need the Women's Phone Meeting Intergroup’s permission before starting a new meeting?
What if no one comes to a new meeting I've started?
Do I need to let F.W.S. know I've started a new meeting?
What if I want to record a speaker's share in a new meeting I've started or play back an old speaker share?