Meetings are an essential part of the S.L.A.A. program and an important tool to aid in recovery. It is important to attend meetings regularly to gain a sense of hope, identify with others, and find the support we need. All meetings are free and are open to those who need it.

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Some Common Guidelines

We suggest attending S.L.A.A. meetings as often as you can. There are many kinds of meetings and each has its own personality. If you don’t find quite the right meeting the first time, attending another type of meeting.

Meeting Guidelines

  • At S.L.A.A. meetings, we share our “experience, strength, and hope” of recovery from sex and love addiction.
  • For our group unity, we seek to provide an environment free from shame, judgment, criticism, manipulation, and abuse, where members can feel safe to share what they think and feel. We ask members to help maintain that supportive environment.
  • We maintain confidentiality, and refrain from disclosing names or identifying group members outside the meeting. We understand anonymity to be critical to the foundation of our recovery.
  • We refrain from interruption or interaction while another is sharing.
  • Cross-talk is discouraged at our meetings. Cross-talk is sometimes defined as giving advice, making direct reference to what someone else has shared, or otherwise drawing attention to another member’s story.

Newcomer Guidelines

  • Focus on your own experiences and feelings. Remember to use “I” rather than “we” or “you” when you share.
  • Participate only as you wish. It is also OK not to share.
  • Listen to others; accept silence. Healing can happen when we listen as well as when we share.
  • If you wish to, identify yourself by first name before you speak. Many of us say, “My name is ______ , and I’m a sex and love addict.” Generally, you are not required to identify yourself in this manner; you may identify yourself in any way that feels safe and comfortable to you.

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