There are many ways to be of service in S.L.A.A. worldwide while helping yourself and others in recovery. For a complete listing, visit the Committee Corner on the Fellowship-Wide Services website.


Conference Committees

Any member with any length of sobriety can participate in Conference Committee service. For more information and to sign up for a committee, visit the corresponding page for that committee. Participation in more than one committee is welcomed.

Each listing contains a direct link to the F.W.S. page specifically designated for that committee.

  • Conference Anorexia Committee (CAC) – Responsible for carrying the message to the entire S.L.A.A. community that sexual anorexia, social anorexia and/or emotional anorexia are an inherent part of sex and love addiction as a whole. The Committee encourages the integration of this idea into all areas of the Fellowship and literature as a service to the sexual anorexic.
  • Conference By-Laws Committee (CBC) – Responsible maintaining and updating the current S.L.A.A. By-Laws, in cooperation with the Board of Trustees (BOT). It acts in an advisory capacity to the BOT and Fellowship-Wide Services and the Conference with regard to potential or requested By-Law changes. The committee also works with the BOT to facilitate changes to the by-Laws passed in accordance with Article XIV of the By-Laws.
  • Conference Charter Committee (CCC) – Responsible for the facilitation of the ABC/M in cooperation with the BOT/F.W.S. (In the absence of a CCC, the BOT/F.W.S. is responsible for running the ABC/M.) Creates the agenda, develops the business meeting items to be addressed, generally chairs the ABC/M, and is liaison for the entire Conference to the BOT/F.W.S.
  • Conference Diversity Committee (CDC) – Responsible for helping diverse groups within S.L.A.A. get their recovery needs met in the Fellowship.
  • Conference Finance Committee (CFC) – Responsible for the allocation of funds to the various Conference committees based on their requests and the available funds provided by the BOT/FWS. Works with F.W.S./BOT to help increase financial support from the individual groups, Intergroups, and other sources that are available to The Augustine Fellowship within the guidelines of the Twelve Traditions of S.L.A.A.
  • Conference Healthy Relationships Committee (CHRC) – Responsible for service projects around Healthy dating practices and couples in S.L.A.A.
  • Conference Intergroup Communications Committee (CICC) – Responsible for the ongoing open communication between Intergroups of S.L.A.A. Focuses on sharing information and working together to make the Intergroup more effective.
  • Conference Internet Committee (CIC) – The Conference Internet Committee is responsible for working to develop and maintain S.L.A.A.’s presence on the Internet. This includes reviewing content to identify the presence of legal, 12 Step and 12 Tradition issues.
  • Conference Journal Committee (CJC) – The Conference Journal Committee is responsible for the creation of the monthly/bi-monthly Journal “meeting in print” magazine focusing on S.L.A.A. recovery and related issues.
  • Conference Literature Committee (CLC) – Along with its subcommittees, writing groups, and partner service bodies, the CLC encourages and participates in the planning, writing, editing, and approval of S.L.A.A. literature.
  • Conference Member Retention Committee (CMRC) – Responsible for the development and implementation of tools and methods to retain members, as well as accessing the wisdom, experience, strength, and hope of long time members.
  • Conference Prison Outreach Committee (CPOC) – Responsible for assisting with the start of and maintenance of meetings within the prison communities, providing literature, sponsors and pen pals for sex and love addicts incarcerated in correctional facilities.
  • Conference Public Information Committee (CPIC) – Responsible for working with international service entities, intergroups, and local groups to convey S.L.A.A. information to general public and encourages the creation of public information entities at regional and local levels.
  • Conference Service Committee (CSC) – The Conference Service Committee is responsible for educating and increasing member commitment to service.
  • Conference Sponsorship Committee (CSPC) – Responsible for encouraging and promoting sponsorship among the members of S.L.A.A. and strengthening and supporting S.L.A.A. members seeking sponsors and to support those already sponsoring.
  • Conference Steps and Traditions Committee (CSTC) – Provides thoughtful comments and insight from personal experience on questions from the membership and responds to Traditions Questions from the Conference Committees. The responses are neither authoritative nor binding and does not speak for S.L.A.A. as a whole.
  • Conference Translation and International Outreach Committee (CTC) – Responsible for providing support to International S.L.A.A. Intergroups and/or groups to carry the message of recovery to the suffering sex and love addict in his/her own language.