We welcome all members to be of service for the group. To learn more about our Intergroup, visit the Intergroup Information page for information, updates, upcoming agendas, and past minutes.


Elections for all Intergroup service positions are held twice a year during the Intergroup meeting in June and December, and are effective for 6 months beginning the first of the month following the election. On occasion, elections are moved, or positions become open during their term. The same participation requirements are in effect, and the term runs from the time of the election until the end of the current term. All members in service should be available to attend the Intergroup meeting each month on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 8:30pm EST.

We welcome all members to be of service for the group. To submit a nomination, visit the Contact page and complete the form.

Intergroup Service Positions

Below is a list of all service positions for the Intergroup. Each listing includes a description of some of the basic duties for that position. As a group our goal is to support each other and work together as a whole, so on occasion requests may be made to assist in another position wherever possible.

Intergroup Chair:

  • Acts as Chair for the Monthly Intergroup Meeting.
  • Assembles the meeting agenda each month.
  • Opens the meeting at the appointed time and calls the meeting to order.
  • Announces business that comes before the group.
  • States and puts to a vote all questions that come up as motions.
  • Responds to inquiries of members relating to procedure or information.


  • Updates and maintains the website.
  • Updates and maintains all website email addresses.
  • Responds to and directs website inquiries.
  • Must be comfortable using WordPress, and Google Drive.

Record Keeper:

  • Records the minutes of the Monthly Intergroup Meeting and reads them at following month’s meeting.
  • Maintains and organizes our group records and documentation.
  • Updates the Index of Motions for the group.
  • Oversees and organizes all records and documentation for the group.


  • Monitors donations via a PayPal account for the group.
  • Tracks deposits and expenses for the group.
  • Distributes donations of the 7th Tradition to Fellowship-Wide Services and reimburses group members for expenses.
  • Presents current financial balance and transactions at the Monthly Business Meeting.

Newcomer Screeners:

  • Chairs the weekly Newcomer Screening Meetings.
  • Opens the lines 10 minutes before the meeting.
  • Welcomes all women to the call, and asks for requirements to attend.
  • Starts and ends the meeting on time.
  • Reads and follows the newcomere screening meeting format.
  • Answers Newcomer questions after the end of the meeting.

Online Moderator:

  • Assists meeting Co-Chairs and the Intergroup on an as needed basis to monitor meetings via the internet.
  • Mutes any phone line that is creating noise levels that meet or exceed the member who is reading or sharing.
  • Starts/Stops the recording of Speaker shares at meetings.
  • Starts/Stops the recording of Monthly Intergroup Meeting.

Delegate: (2 year position)

  • Represents the S.L.A.A. Women’s Phone Meeting Group at the annual ABM (Annual Business Meeting).
  • Join 1 or 2 S.L.A.A. Conference Committees.
  • Prior to the ABM, present the ABM agenda items to the Intergroup for vote.
  • Book, register, and reserve travel for the ABM. Coordinate funds from the treasurer for a spending plan.
  • After the ABM, give a report at Intergroup. A special meeting may be held and recorded.

 Meeting Coordinator

  • Supports meeting Co-Chairs.
  • Serves as a liaison to inform Intergroup of meeting changes and needs.
  • Provide workshop materials on chairing meetings to new meeting Co-Chairs.
  • Increases communication between individual meetings and Intergroup.
  • Coordinates communication between Newcomer Screeners and Online Moderators.
ANNOUNCEMENT: As of Jan. 1, the following WANA Intergroup service positions are not filled: Chair, Webmaster, Treasurer, and Record Keeper. WANA phone meetings may continue but may not function smoothly going forward. There is no one to respond to emails, maintain the website, update meeting formats, handle phone line problems, or pay for expenses. Please consider volunteering for a position. Hopefully, elections will happen at the Jan. 21 Intergroup meeting.I would like to step up!