The following are announcements that pertain to SLAA as a whole, including WANA phone meetings and general news from SLAA Fellowship Wide Service (F.W.S.). If you are a Co-Chair, we encourage you to announce the following during the Weekly Announcements section of your meeting.

2022 Annual Business Conference/Meeting

The Annual Business Conference/Meeting (ABC/M) is the once a year event at which Conference Delegates participate in discussing Items (IFDs) and voting on Motions to provide consensus and direction to . More importantly, the ABC/M is dedicated to forming community-wide group conscience and supporting  and recovery within the S.L.A.A. program.


Seventh Tradition Via PayPal

WANA currently gathers our Seventh Tradition offerings via the PayPal “Donate” links on our pages. To ensure the entire contribution goes to WANA, please be sure to choose “Personal: Sending to a friend or family,” as shown below:

Due to recent changes in PayPal, donations must be made through a PayPal account, though the payment source can be one of the individual’s choosing (checking, savings, credit card, etc.).

Co-Chairs, Are Your Scripts Up-to-Date?

Thank you for your service as a Meeting Co-Chair. As a recommendation, at your next business meeting, you may want to verify all references to the SLAA WANA website are current. For instance, because our website no longer has a section called “Meeting Formats,” references to downloading the scripts, Steps, Traditions, Characteristics, etc. may be outdated. You can reference the various menus and sub-menus on the website to the get the correct sections of where to find these items. You can also note that the scripts can now be accessed by going to the Meeting Schedule section of the website and clicking on the individual times/dates of your meetings. If you have questions, please contact the Webmaster.

Become a Trusted Servant

We are currently seeking trusted servants as Intergroup Chair and Meetings Coordinator. If you’re interested in learning more, nominating someone, or putting yourself forward to be of service, learn more here.

Got An Announcement?

If you have an announcement you’d like to share with WANA, please send it using our Contact form for consideration. Thank you!