Fellowship-Wide Services (F.W.S.) is the international service office of S.L.A.A. It is incorporated as part of The Augustine Fellowship.

Original S.L.A.A. members went to find a public meeting place at a local community church. Because of the name Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, they were first turned away. They chose The Augustine Fellowship as an alternative to Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. The complete story of how S.L.A.A. originated these names can be found in the S.L.A.A. Basic Text on pp. 129-131.

The complete name is: The Augustine Fellowship, S.L.A.A., Fellowship-Wide Services, Inc.

What does F.W.S. do?

The following list is a summary of the ways that Fellowship-Wide Services is of service. Want to learn even more ways F.W.S. can support your recovery? Visit the Fellowship-Wide Services website.

Did you know that F.W.S….

  • Provides worldwide meeting information to newcomers.
  • Maintains a database of all S.L.A.A. groups & meetings worldwide.
  • Gives free information to newcomers and professionals.
  • Sells/offers group starter kits and assists new groups in getting started.
  • Publishes the F.W.S. Newsletter four times per year.
  • Provides a place for groups and Intergroups to get feedback and information on group-related issues.
  • Works with Intergroups, Groups and other S.L.A.A. “offices” to give information to our members and to those seeking help.
  • Supports Conference Committees in their work.
  • Generates more than 2600 invoices and publishes and ships more than 80,000 pieces of S.L.A.A. literature and recovery tools a year.
  • Responds to national and international media and the professional community inquiries.
  • Sponsors the Annual Business Conference and Meeting (ABC/M).
  • Has to be maintained so that all of the above can happen.
  • Does all of the above solely to help fulfill our primary purpose as stated in Tradition Five. This purpose is to carry the S.L.A.A. message to the sex and love addict who still suffers.
  • Is fully self-supporting according to Tradition Seven. The F.W.S. Office does not accept any contributions from outside sources. It relies entirely on group and member contributions and sales of S.L.A.A. Conference-approved literature.